Camo Love


I’ve been addicted to camo lately; watch, vest, pants, wallpapers, etc. Maybe because it’s kinda innowadays and i dont wanna be left out. Hehe! But, seriously, it kinda give you a different feel wearing one. It gives you that macho appeal. Eww! Lol


Last Sunday, my friend Urika called in for an unplanned shoot at Greenbelt, Makati. Since it wasnt planned, i had to make a quick choice on what should I wear. I saw this camo tank top inside my closet, grabbed this chinos and voila they complimented well.


I thought of adding a cool jacket on this look since i wanna cover up the unlikely fats I have in my biceps. Hehe! But, it didnt last long since I was already perspiring so bad. So i took the jacket off and placed it on my waist, the 90s style. Lol


This camo watch from Zoo York was actually a birthday present, well I picked this one as his gift for my birthday. Haha! It is very cool and stylish. And so perfect for my style.


This is actually one of my favorites, the top and watch are so cute and I look good even if I gained a little weight. Bitch! Hahaha! Anyway see you around next time. 💀


Les Adieux,

Bjorn A.


Morning Rain


Back when I was still alone and lonely I would always wanted to crawl up on our window to watch the rain fall. It kinda gave me that it’s-ok-to-cry-and-reminisce vibe, and yeah it was horrible. Hehe. Anyway, since it’s been raining cats and dogs everywhere here in Manila, this supahfine sweatshirt was perfect for the quick shoot I had with Urikah.


I kinda look like “bangerz” but yeah who cares, waking up early isn’t really my thing you know? Haha! We had so much fun while shooting, and it was kinda disaster that I had to bring umbrella just because the rain was pouring out our direction (or was it the wind?) Lol!


Since the rain was pouring so hard, we have decided to stay inside our loft. Had few drinks and ruffles and good laughs. It was really nice catching up with a good friend on a rainy day. Hehe,

Anyway, I know i dint post much pictures, but I’ll double it up on the next post! Hehe!

Les Adieux,


Scorpion Bite


I just found a great place to shoot without people watching and away from those opinionated eyes. Lol! Tadaaaaa… our roof top! Hahaha! It is much easier to shoot cause you wont worry about people around you and there’s enough wind to make you feel comfortable.


And not only that, if you’ll shoot late afternoon you’ll get to capture this beautiful sunset. I just love the color it adds on the picture. So romantic. Haha


I have decided to wear something that will emphasize my biceps, haha, i know its all fats but I dont care. Haha! I’m so inlove with this cardiganish something from Oxygen, it’s so soft and very comfortable to wear.



I’m glad that it matches the burgundy pants from Oxygen and doesnt look baduy or mismatched. If you’ll notice my pants on the butt area got some dust from sitting on the dirty stuff there at the roof top. Haha! Forgive me for that!

20130715-224428.jpg Bracelets from Penshoppe and SM Accessories

20130715-224659.jpg Scorpion Ring from The Walking Recessionista

The bag is actually cute, it has some aztec print on it and looks really stylish. It’s from Oxygen also. Hehe


Anyway, let me know if you like this post and kindly fan me on Lookbook hahaha! Im begging and hype my looks there! Haha


Anyway, i have to sleep now! Mwaaah!

Les Adieux,

Bjorn A.

Photos by: CK Espanol

Dear Stress


So I walked out of gym and decided to do a quick photoshoot. How cool is that? Lol! What Im wearing on these photos were not really as planned. This muscle shirt from Penshoppe is really cool that I asked CK to do some test shots and it went well.


I know that I don’t have that great body but confidence has carried me away. Lol! And FYI I’ll be working out again soon! Prolly I’ll start this Monday. Hehe


This Tommy Hilfiger duffel bag was actually from a thrift shop. Fell inlove right away and it’s authentic. I assure you. Lol!


I dont have much photos to share, but I hope you liked them anyway. Hehe.


So bye for now. Byieeeee!

Les Adieux,

Bjorn A.

Photos by: CK Espanol

Skull and the Cross


Hieee! (this is how Alaska from RDR5 say Hi, if you know him). Lol! Anyway, since I’m running out of blog to post I dragged CK to take some snapshots of me to a nearby park. And we’re just so glad that it did not rain (Manila is currently on a rainy season.)


I kinda like the complication or styling of this sweatshirt correct me if I’m wrong, i dont know how they call it. Hehe from Oxygen. It is so much better when zipped down, as you can see there’s this zipper that once you zipped it it will create a diagonal cut which will make it look like a two piece shirt.


Since the shirt doesnt have much print, I wore this cross necklace from Human Accessories. This necklace was actually the last piece that was on their mannequin, and just so lucky to have this piece.

To make a contrast, I wore this skull ring I got from The Walking Recessionista booth at Bloggers United Bazaar. Got this for P25 only. Haha


It was a fun shoot since I’m with a good photographer, he knows what exactly I want and will always listen on my directives, would there be any. Lol. Although I must say, he’s a bit of a scene stealer, he got more photos, not cool! Lol


Anyway, if you still have some time, check my lookbook account and fan me there. Here’s the link Bjorn A.. I am currently addicted to it and so many fashionable people you will know. =)


Shoes from Pony


Anyway, I better go now. Byeeeeiii.

Les Adieux,

Bjorn A.

Photos by: CK Espanol

Blue Valentine


I’ve been being addicted to lately. I have this account for like 7 months now and I’ve only got to enjoy it this much this time. Anyway, before I continue, you can visit my lookbook account here: Lookbook.


I find it fun and cute when people hyped your looks and even fanned you. Well, hyped would usually translate to like and fanned would normally be like being followed. What I like even more is that you’ll able to see a different kind of fashion, culture and style. You’ll find fashion bloggers that you might think you share something in common whether you’ve got the same taste of fashion or you have physical similarities. And they might end up your fashion inspiration.



Currently I have 5 fashion bloggers fans! And I’m too happy about it na. Haha! They are from all over the world: Japan, Brasil, Santa Fe, Kenitra and Rutigliano. Like I’m so famous now, Lol!


Anyway, back to my outfit post. I was about to meet my friend Mona for dinner when a friend took these photos. What I’m wearing is a button up hoodie from 101 New York, shorts from Oxygen and flats from Navitaire. I would normally go for an outift that is comfortable and easy to wear. Hehe



Anyway, I’d better prepare for work now. Byeieeee

Les Adieux,

Bjorn A.

Photos by: Urika C.

Bloggers United 5


For a fresh blogger, this is one of the most awaited events that you should not missed. Not only you’ll get the chance to meet Philippines Top Bloggers but also you’ll get the chance to buy those items they previously wore on their blogposts.

20130603-111333.jpg Photo courtesy of Style Locale

It was a fun event, cool games and giveaways and funny hosts. I wasnt able to join but I had fun watching. And most of the time me and Anne Xy were just roaming around (since Shali Guerlain was too busy at Cheyz’s booth) looking for some cool finds. Hehe




Too many girly stuff haha, but yeah i love colors and sizes and they look good to blog. Hehe! But wasnt able to buy any of these, I wanted to buy the Thrilla in Bjorn Manila, but the booth owner Gelo wasnt always there. Hahaha!





And I’m flooding you with girly girl stuff, haha! Well, more below! :p



And here’s the most exciting part, meeting my fave bloggers! Like my eyes are sparkling now in excitement! Lol


20130603-120607.jpg with Bjorn Bedayo

20130603-120719.jpg with Paul Chuapoco

20130603-121036.jpg with Alyssa Lapid

20130603-122011.jpg with Marj Sia

20130603-122145.jpg with Mikyle Quizon

Anyway.. That would be all for the day! It was really fun and see yah all at BU6? =)


Anyway, bye now! Kthnbye!

Les Adieux,

Bjorn A.

Photos by Anne Xy